The Mohair Design Award - A challenge for fabric experts

An abundance of examples of Arrangements with Mohair Velours show the models of the Mohair Design Award for many years. The International Mohair Association organizes this competition since 1989. In European fairs and exhibitions they presented the upholstery fabric, which reached the final elimination.

Almost one hundred fabric experts from all parts of Germany and the Netherlands took part in the competition, partially with sketched models.

The advertisements varied concerning the setting of tasks and regarding the groups of participants: sometimes the participation of the competition was allowed only the new generation of the occupation, sometimes it is opened for participants of all age groups.

The assignments reached from sketching and making modern seat furniture up to regenerating older timeless or historical models.

The results of the competitions became centres of fairs and exhibitions, it inspired public and press equally; and the visitors received interesting suggestions at the same time.

Sketching new Designs by Design students was likewise topic of a competition. Attractive special exhibitions resulted also from current models of the upholstery fabric industry.