The outstanding characteristics

Unusual quality

The quality level of the covering is also an indication for the quality class of upholstery fabric, because the high-quality building method - the stable wood frame and the upholstery are hardly recognizable on the surface. The value of upholstery fabric -same whether in the modern Design or fashionable, historically- is optimally emphasized with the covering Mohair Velours. Ageless, lasting elegance is one of the substantial characteristics of Mohair Velours.

High seat comfort

Furniture covering made of Mohair Velours is skin pleasantly, breathe-actively, air-conditioning, thus warming with cold weather and refreshingly at higher temperatures. In addition the hair of the Angora goat takes up humidity; the effect of the "sticking" on the covering does not develop. That is particularly pleasant when sitting lengthy on upholstery fabric, no matter if in private areas, in conference rooms or in the theatre. Comfortable sitting promotes happiness, affects the mood positively.

With difficulty inflammable

Among the most important characteristics also ranks: Mohair is by nature with difficulty inflammable according to the regulations of the national and European standards (EN 1021). Thereby it is suitable without chemical equipment for the service in the object area.

Insensitively to dirt

Mohair is by nature antistatic and hardly tightens dust and dirt. Whatever gets dirty less easily, has to be cleaned less often.

Cleaning and care

The care of Mohair Velours is conceivably easy; cleaning happens with the vacuum cleaner or a soft brush, in each case in direction of the nap. A detailed guidance for the cleaning and care of upholstery fabric with Mohair Velours coverings is added to this brochure on the last pages. It contains a table, which is specified in which marks can be eliminated in the right way. Flat pressed nap ("treatment of marks due to wear and tear"), which can result e.g. from damp clothes, can also be put up again in a very simple way. The references to that are also contained in the guidance to cleaning and care.

Optics and aesthetics

Mohair Velours has also optically an unusual characteristic: It is a living material with a surface like silk; the thick nap fascinates by its noble, silky gloss. Depending on the difference of daylight, delightful effects develop again and again. Also the unique material works thereby very interesting. Individual black and white hair of the Angora goat cannot be dyed; they remain visible and are typical for a genuine Mohair product.

The colour choice

With a very bright and clear, intense colour, Dirt gets more clearly visible by frequent use. That requires more expenditure with the care and cleaning. For upholstery fabric, which is very strongly used, somewhat covered colours and/or nuance - gradated colours are therefore more suitable.

Of stable value

Mohair Velours is an extremely durable, hard-wearing and thus long-living fabric that in the long term keeps its brilliance, the gloss and the strength to shine.

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