A high-quality natural product

Progressive developments gave us an abundance of new textile fibres, which are quite important and bring useful relief.

There are however areas, where natural fibres are unsurpassed, useful characteristics and comfort are won, which cannot be produced with chemical fibres. Mohair is such a natural fibre.
At the moment, natural products have a true renaissance.

Mohair is a natural fibre, woven of the Angora goat's hair, the "capra hircus angorensis". This animal has splendorous, white fur, whose curly, unusually long hair shine like silk. The hair is substantially finer and smoother than the wool of sheep. That lends the typical characteristic of the strong reflection of light and the warm gloss to the Mohair.

The natural fibre Mohair - more actual then ever before: For many years strong turning is to be determined to natural products in all areas of life. The motives are various: Ecological and health needs, but even the wish for a natural living feeling leaded to a changing consciousness, to remember the original, valuable and stable. Mohair offers all this.

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