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From the sheared hair of the Angora goat up to the finished material it's a long, extremely time-consuming way. First the hair is carefully cleaned in several processing steps, sorted by hand, combed and woven.

Weaving Mohair Velours is a high art; the smooth, flexible hair of the Angora goat is very difficult to process. Therefore world-wide there are only about ten weaving mills, which are specialized in the production of Mohair Velours. They produce the noble furniture covering on modern, computer steered machines.

There are several kinds of the production; the differences are also visually recognizable. The largest part of the production is Shade - Velours; it has an easy diagonally standing nap, the line direction is perceptible.
The stand - Velours is rarer, with which the fine nap threads stand perpendicularly, thus rectangular to the basic of the fabric. Influence on the optics also has the density and length of the nap.

The basic fabric can be polychrome woven (Jacquard procedures). With bright nap, these colours gleam through and produce interesting samples and colour play.
A Design is also produced by different heights or by changes of the line direction of the nap. A similar effect results from coining/shaping the nap.

Colouring can happen in two ways: For manufacturing Mohair Velours with multi coloured nap, the yarn is already dyed before weaving. With universal colours, the finished woven material can be dyed in the desired colour (piece colouring). Complex equipments supplement production.

In 1914 International Mohair Association (IMA) was established. Among its members are German and Netherlands Mohair weaving mills.

Since there are differences in the quality of Mohair Velours, IMA created itself a quality control. Quality criteria and test criteria were developed after scientific methods and fair practically conditions. In this quality control are tested among other things the thickness of the nap, the weight of the nap threads and important practical characteristics.

Independent test - institutes examine constantly the keeping of the criteria.

Only the material, that fulfilled these strict conditions, may be marked with the protected Mohair Signet, the representative goat.

If a Mohair Velours is marked by this Signet, the salesman and the consumer may be certain, that the Velours fulfils its high requirements.

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