Creative spatial arrangement with Mohair Velours

Whenever highest requirements are placed in practical characteristics, at quality and elegance, Mohair Velours was and is still the favourite, when it comes to the furnishing of object-, business- and private- areas. Connoisseurs call Mohair Velours 'platinum under the upholstery fabric'.

Mohair Velours is suitable for upholstery fabric every age and all kinds of style. For classical and historical models can be selected between countless universal colours and stylish Designs. Mohair-Velours is usable even for classic, modern and avantgard-style furniture and room creations. The large variety of colours and designs offers a maximum of possibilities. Mohair Velours adds itself thus aesthetically with perfection into each spatial arrangement.

Mohair Velours inspires progressive fabric experts, room designers again and again. Also Luigi Colani, who calls himself a fan of special fibres and fabrics, is fascinated of this covering, of its colours and Designs.

The processing of Mohair Velours presupposes high knowledge and special abilities of the fabric furniture manufacturer. No matter whether production happens industrially or whether seat furniture is made of the room designer: The technical structure of the model and processing the material require an unusual measure of technical knowledge and ability. Upholstery fabric, which is covered with Velours, is thus in every way top-grade products.

Members of the International Mohair Association are also able to produce each imaginable Design e.g. Signets and emblems. For Special preparations there are individual manufacturers, who are able to make different amounts of fabric.

In addition Mohair Velours is being used in representative window decorations, space divisor and curtains for stages; and it is appropriate by its non-inflammable characteristics. It is also a production for wall coverings due to its sound and warm-damming characteristics, its climatically adjusting effect and the elegant flair, which it lends to an area.

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