Mohair-Velours - Table for the removal of stains

Water soluble stains
Kind of stains (example) Treatment
Blood, egg, excrement, urine treat with either cold water or a solution of shampoo and water, do not use warm water otherwise the albumen coagulates
Vomit, milk and coffee, cocoa, indelible pencil, pen, lipstick, mayonnaise, milk, perfume, cream, shoe-polish, sauces, soups, ink, soot Treat with a solution of shampoo and tepid water. If the stain can not be removed, wait until it is dry and then treat with white spirit or Benzine or stainremover.
Spirits, beer, coke, fruitjuices, lemonade, coffee, tea Do not allow it to dry, treat immediately with a solution of tepid water and shampoo.
Water insoluble stains
Kind of stains (example) Treatment
Butter, floor wax, paint (varnish), fat, resin, carbon, indelible, pencil, lacquer, oil, tar Treat with a regular household solvent like benzine, white spirit or a stain-remover.
Candle wax Do not use an iron!
Try to break it-into small parts if possible and
a) remove it carefully; with velours there is the risk of surface damage
b) if necessary treat a few times with benzine.
Chewing-gum, plastic composition Use an ice spray or solution to freeze the stain, carefully following the manufacturer's instructions; with velours there is the risk of surface damage.
Rust, dried blood Dampen a white cloth with citric acid (a level spoonful in 1 00 ml of cold water) and rub on the stain working from the edge to the middle.
With stains of unknown origin:
first follow the method for treating "water soluble stains". If this is unsuccessful, clean them as "water insoluble stains".
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