Developed ingeniously by nature

Nature accomplishes amazing developments, if "Flora and fauna" adapt to their habitats; they can change in their substance, in order to adapt to climatic conditions. No laboratory of the world could copy that.

The special characteristics of Mohair and its strain ability resulted from such reciprocal effects. The Angora goat lives in regions with strong temperature differences, a very dry, hot climate at daytime and strong cold weather at night. The hair of the Angora goat developed thereby to an extreme climatic protection for the animal.

The stay in rocky, hard-to-travel areas, strips by thorny shrubbery, requires a resistant skin. Nature also developed that type of skin, and that�s where Mohair got its enormous stability from.

These living conditions, thus the climate and the special vegetation for the nutrition are found in South Africa/Lesotho, Texas, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina. In these countries Angora goats are bred today, which supply Mohair with the inimitable characteristics.

There were attempts again and again to breed the animals in landscapes with other climate. Then however the hair of the goats no more developed his typical characteristics; it did not fulfil the strict quality requirements, which are placed at Mohair Velours.

For the breed of the ' capra hircus angorensis' there are nature-conditioned restrictions; therefore the production cannot be increased by Mohair as desired. That's why Mohair is so valuable and exclusively.

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