Highly estimated and desired world-wide

When highest expectations are placed in terms of seat comfort and quality, experts preferentially decide for Mohair Velours. Therefore this covering is to be found in representative objects with high standards everywhere in the world: on armchairs of theatres, opera houses, and concert halls. It is being used in the equipment of airplanes, private-jets, ships, yachts, trains, cinemas, hotels, and waiting rooms.

Mohair Velours is however no luxury, it is a clever investment, with a good price/performance relationship.

When arranging object-, business- and personal rooms, Mohair was -and is still- the favourite selection, when it is up too meet highest expectations in usability, quality and elegance.

The available brochure contains well-founded information for private and commercial consumers, for decision makers in enterprises of vehicle-, airplane-, and ship-building and all room designers, which concern themselves with the question: Which covering do I select for upholstery fabric?

No matter, whether it is necessary to make new seat furniture, whether existing valuable armchairs and sofas are to be restored or historical models need to be regenerated, - the brochure contains substantial facts to the characteristics and about the quality of the covering Mohair Velours.

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