Since 5000 years historically known

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About the history of the Angora goat there are myths and legends; their origin is not clearly identified. In approximately 5000 years old recordings from the Himalayan area it is already mentioned: First humans, who established themselves in Tibet and who saw the Angora goat, regarded it as a creature of the sky, which came down to them from the clouds.

Mohair was known in Biblical times. It was used in order to make fabric, for Moses said: "And thou shalt make curtains of goat's hair to be a covering upon the tabernacle: eleven curtains shalt thou make." (Exodus 26, vs. 7).

The Latin name 'capra hircus angorensis' gives a conclusion on Ankara and Turkey, where the Angora goat was bred 'exclusively' for a long time. Exporting it was forbidden with death penalty. More than 100 years ago a fearless Englishman however took on the risk to load Angora goats on his ship; were he also had pregnant female animals. That's the way the breed began in South Africa.

The international word Mohair is a corruption of the Turkish word "mukhay" meaning the 'best selected fleece', which also clearly shows the value of this natural fibre.

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